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So you want to be an author… hooray! But we’re guessing no one told you that it takes more than a great book idea to get published. Don’t fret! Becoming a published author is an exciting, and somewhat scary journey all writers must face.  Developmental and copy editing, formatting, illustrations, blurbs, and designing the perfect book cover are just a few steps to getting your book in the hands of your readers. And lucky for you, that’s where we come in.

Why Us? Why Now?

You may be thinking: What makes Writer’s Tablet the best option for me? 
Our writers, editors, illustrators, and graphic artists work hard to exceed your expectations. We are here to make this process fun, fulfilling, and ultimately, fruitful. Because we partner with you on a technical and emotional level, we are able to bring to fruition your vision and make your authorship dreams a reality.

Publishing a book can be a daunting task if you’re on your own. Partnering with us means meeting your personal deadlines and having someone hold you accountable. With expert coaching and a friendly editor, book publishing won’t seem so scary!

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What We Do

Writer’s Tablet has mastered the process of getting published. With your story and our expertise, we help you achieve your writing goals. From your first draft to the final cover, we work with you to craft a book you’ll be proud to print your name on. Whether this is your first stab at getting published or your last resort, we will infuse your project with the motivation and organization needed to reach the finish line.

We Assist With:

✓  Brainstorming past publishing and writing roadblocks
✓  Writing feedback
✓  Manuscript critique
✓  Professional editing
✓  Author biography
✓  Professional formatting and front matter
✓  Copyrighting your work
✓  Striking cover design to drive sales
✓  Steps towards traditional or self-publishing
✓  Book blurb

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Benefits of Partnering with Us

Not only do we take the stress and research out of the publishing experience, but we provide expert advice to help you put your best foot forward. We will never hold your book hostage, you own the rights to all of your material.

No matter which path to becoming a published author fits you best, we’re prepared to guide you through!

Built-in Bonuses:

✓  eBook publishing 
✓ 10 copies of your book
✓ FREE banner design


✓ FREE book announcement
✓ Copyright services


Some of the Books Published by Writers Tablet,LLC

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