Have a story worth publishing but don’t know how to begin?

Terri Whitmire, owner of Writer’s Tablet, is a published author who wants to help you become published, too.

You are so ready to do this.

So you want to be an author… hooray! But, we’re guessing no one told you that it takes more than a great book idea or writing chops to get published. Don’t fret! Becoming a published author is the exciting – and sometimes time-consuming – journey all writers face. Outlining, editing, writing query letters and book proposals, and developing a platform are just a few of the steps to seeing your book on shelves. And lucky for you, that’s where we come in.

Why Us? Why Now?

You may be thinking: What makes Writer’s Tablet the best option for me? 
Our writers, editors, and consultants don’t just give you the tools for success. We are here to make this process fun, fulfilling, and ultimately, fruitful. We partner with you on a technical and emotional level to make your writing dreams become a reality.

The Road to Publication can be a long one if you’re on your own. Partnering with us means meeting your personal deadlines and exceeding your expectations with expert coaching, a friendly editor, and someone to hold you accountable at every stop!

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What We Do

The consultants and writers of Writer’s Tablet have mastered the process of getting published. With your story and our expertise, we offer one-on-one assistance on The Road to Publication to help you achieve your writing goals. From your very first story idea to the final edits, we work with you to develop and craft a book you’ll be proud to print your name on. Whether this is your first stab at getting published or your last resort, we will infuse your project with the motivation and organization to reach the finish line.

We Assist With:

✓  Brainstorming past publishing and writing roadblocks
✓  Writing feedback
✓  Manuscript critique
✓  Professional editing
✓  Author biography
✓  Professional formatting and front matter
✓  Copyrighting your work (optional)
✓  Striking cover design to drive sales
✓  Steps towards traditional or self-publishing
✓  Custom marketing plan

Learn more about our comprehensive branding program for aspiring authors!

Benefits of Partnering with Us

Not only do we take the stress and research out of the publishing experience, but we provide expert advice for you to put your best foot forward. No matter which path to becoming a published author fits you best, we’re prepared to guide you through!

Built-in Bonuses:

✓ Publishing your book on Amazon.com (print)
✓ eBook publishing for e-readers like Kindle and iPad
✓ 1 proof of your book to preview or sell (varies based on publishing route)
✓ Make your book searchable on popular search engines, like Google

Books We’ve Published

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