Who is Terri Whitmire?

A seasoned author and successful writing consultant, Terri is the owner of The Writer’s Tablet Agency. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from North Carolina’s historic A&T State University, she pursued a writing certification from the Institute of Children’s Literature. She is the author of five published books and passionately provides inspired written solutions to businesses and aspiring authors.

We know just what to write.

Consultancy and Copywriting for Business

Owner, Terri Whitmire, and her team of skilled writers, editors, and marketers are diverse and prepared to fulfill your content needs. At  The Writer’s Tablet Agency, we believe that words are critical in communicating your company’s unique message to consumers. Together, we will develop or edit your content to tailor fit your individual objectives. Whether you need to perfect a presentation or build an e-commerce website, Writer’s Tablet will provide expertise and attention to detail every step of the way.

Self-Publishing for Aspiring Authors

Becoming a published author requires a lot more than a knack for writing and a great story. Partnering with Writer’s Tablet will put you on the fast-track to seeing your name in print. Learn how to navigate the complex world of publishing alongside passionate published authors with years of experience. From polishing your final manuscript to launching your book, Writer’s Tablet simplifies the Road to Publication.