Discovering the Companion to Your Book

by Christine Prato-Coleman

So, you’ve written a book, and seeing it in print gives you a rush like you’ve never experienced before. As you’ve passed the creative grind and work toward growing your audience, did you ever consider that there is a second or third project that could emerge from the story you’ve already told? 

Some writers immediately start a sequel. For others, a devotional is the perfect pairing to their published book.

When my daughter and I were nearing the completion of our book Just Believe: Every Summer Has a Story, we began to discover parallels between our story and God’s word. In no time, a companion guide began to develop. We entitled it Divincidences (a divine incident), and each Divincidence teaches a Bible lesson with a fresh take on the scriptures that were used in the original story. We decided to include it in our book so every reader could benefit from it. But it did not stop there! A youth leader’s teaching tool also began to emerge. In developing the second piece of work, we realized God wanted us to expand our reach while targeting a specific audience. 

There are endless directions a writer can explore to expand their work and audience. In this digital age, resources are at our fingertips. Online writing groups, community meet-ups, and author mentors all use social media platforms to assist aspiring authors in keeping the creative process in motion. By staying plugged into these types of communities, you can learn how to best stay relevant and find ways to bring new life to an old story.

Lastly, never discount the power of inspiration! Dig deep, because God’s ideas are unlimited, and with fresh revelation, you may discover that there indeed is more to your story.

About the Author:

As a published author of Just Believe: Every Summer Has a Story (, writing mentor, and speaker, Christine Prato-Coleman teamed up with Writer’s Tablet to support young, aspiring writers. Leveraging decades of creative writing, Bible study, and ministry experience, Christine combines her passion for creative arts with her love of God to nurture and guide writers on their publishing journeys. 

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