My Grandmother’s Stories

I didn’t know it at the time, but during my visits with my grandmother, her nuggets of wisdom led me to write my latest children’s book, We Didn’t Know We Were Poor. On my journey from childhood to adulthood, I learned some valuable life lessons:

  • Listen to old people
  • Heed your intuition
  • Take chances

My grandmother grew up during the Depression, and I loved her stories about her childhood “in the olden days.” She was like a history book come to life. When visiting older people, take time to really listen to them. They’ve lived much of the history we’ve learned and can make it real to you in a way that no book, classroom, or teacher ever could.

I remembered my grandmother’s stories over the years, and then one day, I was compelled to start writing them down. I knew it was important to record them as part of my family history, but I also had the feeling that there was another purpose.

Years later, I met Terri at a writer’s conference. After a brief conversation about her creative writing program for children, I suggested that she hire me. That risky move paid off splendidly.  

Since then, the Writer’s Tablet has helped me grow as an author and made it possible for me to share my grandmother’s stories. Hopefully, young people will enjoy reading about her adventures as much as I enjoyed hearing her recount them all those years ago.

-Donnetta Booker |Author| Editor| Wife|Mom

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