Regaining Creativity

Writing a book takes more than a great idea. Earning the esteemed title of “Published Author” comes only to those who are as consistent as the sunrise and tenacious as a pit bull. Life will get in the way as you attempt to write a book, so learn to expect distractions. Sickness, job issues, family concerns, or heaven forbid computer problems may all come against you, but this is normal!

Try not to set unrealistic goals, as they may stifle your creativity. We all know writers can’t create when they are anxious or pressured; you have to feel led to write! Encourage yourself with short term, realistic goals that can be used as stepping stones to your ultimate goal.

In the writing process, creativity comes in waves. But what do you do when your creativity has drained? You know the desire to push through is there. “If I could only finish this chapter,” you tell yourself. Sometimes the plot has gotten away from you and you aren’t sure which direction to head. Perhaps there’s a character-building obstacle that throws you off course. That’s the time to step away from your writing and regroup.

Here are 10 things you can do to reset your creativity:

  1. Take a walk outside or visit a neighborhood far from our own.
  2. Hand-sketch several book cover designs with your name at the bottom.
  3. Meditate and pray for guidance and wait for His response.
  4. Build a focus group of six people. Send them the first chapter and ask them how they think the story will unfold.
  5. Talk to an encouraging writing consultant. Many are happy to offer free advice.
  6. Chew gum (don’t ask me why!).
  7. Listening to classical music or study music. YouTube is a great resource for this!
  8. Engage in light therapy. Try different color lights to change the mood or setting in your writing space.
  9. Visit the library and skim through books similar to yours.
  10. Visit a bookstore and imagine your book on the shelf.

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